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June 25, 2015

5 high intensity sessions that will open up your mind through learning from global and Asian markets on business opportunities and trends that accelerate growth.

10:00 - 10:30
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Key Note Sabbas Joseph View Profile
Opportunities in India for Asia. Opportunities in Asia for the World
10:45 - 11:30
Market Insight - Trends of the Future and their effect on Experiential Marketing
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Keynote Jordan Waid View Profile
Moderator Atul Nath View Profile
Panelist Ruchi Aggarwal View Profile
Panelist Kshitij Saxena View Profile
Panelist Manojeet Bhujabal View Profile
Panelist Mihir Dayal View Profile
The FreemanXP International team in London has brought together a dedicated team of global industry leaders in brand experience - merging storytelling, disruption, strategy, creative, production, digital, and interactive technologies with a focus on developing and delivering enhanced experiences to new and existing clients, brands and industries – worldwide.

FreemanXP is coming to India with their novel concept of a 'Trend Lab', to unearth the relevant trends in Experiential Brand Marketing and how they can be applied to your next brand campaign.

A panel discussion moderated by Atul Nath, Candid Marketing, will follow this session, involving brand marketers discussing their experiential marketing challenges. The discussion will highlight how new / popular trends can be solutions to such practical brand challenges.
11:45 - 12:30
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Keynote Alan Gordon View Profile
Moderator Roshan Abbas View Profile
Panelist Nowshir Engineer View Profile
Panelist Rebecca Wilson View Profile
Panelist Tim Jacobs View Profile
Panelist Pach Ang View Profile
'Can Events Power Countries'

Alan will present contributions, perceptions and brand building for countries through event, while highlighting the impact of major events, with a UAE focus.

A panel discussion moderated by Roshan Abbas will engage a panel of experts from UAE on the experiential marketing industry in UAE.

- Overview of the Experiential Marketing industry in UAE (The segment of the industry that has most spends. The corporate industries that are the biggest spenders).

- Opportunities that the UAE market / economy and the experiential industry in UAE present for international companies to set-up.

- Specifics on opportunities for Indian companies to set-up in Dubai / UAE. Highlight specific skill-sets that Indian companies can extend in this market.

- Entry barriers for international companies to set up in the UAE market.

- Opportunities for collaborations, consulting and knowledge exchange. How can the Asian experiential marketing industry take advantage of existing experts / expertise in the UAE market?
14:00 - 14:45
Market Insight - International Event Safety and Standards
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Keynote Ton Soepenberg View Profile
Panelist Mohomed Morani View Profile
Panelist Warren D'Souza View Profile
Panelist Sumit Chandhoke View Profile
Panelist Suresh Madan View Profile
Ton Soepenberg will shed light on the International standards of safety at events and related to production. Elaborating on ways to adopt some basic safety standards and self-checks to get started on the path to 'Safer Events in India.

Following Ton's presentation will be a panel discussion involving top technical partners and events planners in the Indian experiential industry.

The discussion will deal with:
- Covering the basics. Setting a minimum safety standard for the Indian Event industry with suggestions on implementation.
- What each individual company can do in their own operations to keep checks on Safety and Standards.
15:00 - 15:45
Market Insight: Sponsorship Activation and Brand Association with a LIVE platform
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Keynote Charlie Dundas View Profile
Keynote Steve Dupee View Profile
Moderator Aneil Deepak View Profile
Panelist Martin Da Costa View Profile
Panelist Maneet Jolly View Profile
Panelist Shaju Ignatius View Profile
A pioneer in event marketing since 35 years, GMR Marketing is a Global Engagement Marketing company. Charlie and Steve of GMR Marketing will present 3 successful case studies in brand activation through LIVE platforms, including some of the most prominent sport events around the Globe. GMR Marketing is making its debut in the Indian market through a representation by DDB Mudra.

A panel discussion moderated by Aneil Deepak, DDB Mudra will follow, engaging IP owners and brands that invest in LIVE platforms in India. The discussion will explore:

- What learning from international markets can be applied to Brand Associations with LIVE platform in India.
- What new trends are emerging in activating a brand through LIVE platforms.
- How Brand associations at existing LIVE platforms differ from brand activations and what the distinct opportunities are in this platform.
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Limited capacity venue. Seating on first-cum-first-serve basis.

10:30 - 11:00
Unearthing opportunities for MICE in the Mekong region
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Speaker Jens Thraenhart View Profile
All professional, planners looking into destination events, weddings, MICE are invited to participate in this workshop

- Mekong encompasses destinations that include hidden gems like Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar; lesser-known regions like Laos and China; and also the ever-popular destination of Thailand.
- Discover from the Executive Director of Mekong Tourism the multi-destination MICE advantages this region can provide to make an interesting itinerary.
- Also learn about the efforts of the region in promoting 'Responsible Tourism' and how this can build into your next MICE / Destination Event Programme while adding a unique dimension to it.
11:45 - 12:30
Trend Lab: Tell us your brand challenge and we will suggest a solution!
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Speaker Jordan Waid View Profile
Experiential Marketers are invited to participate in this workshop.

Tell us your experiential marketing challenge. The 'Trend Lab' by FreemanXP, has created an innovation incubator that examines trends, creates ideas and contributes to a better tomorrow.
- a health check of your communication and brand experience needs, concerns and challenges.
- a quick dive into the trends that effect your brand and business.
- the beginning of a roadmap and strategy to give you the competitive edge.

We see the future and it isn’t light years ahead - it is actually only a headline away. These are the times to reimagine how we do things – to create new scenarios and incubate new ideas. There are many trends we are working which will always be relevant in making tomorrow's headlines:

GAMIFICATION IGNITES ENGAGEMENT (we have created ways that transform the traditional model of information collection and dissemination into fun and sharable experiences)

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCES, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY OF LEARNING (we believe experiences that involve doing, help create a stronger understanding and build brilliant brand relationships)

STORYWORLDS ENHANCE STORYTELLING (we design storyworlds that transport the visitors and connect them to brand experiences in emotive and visceral ways)
14:00 - 14:45
HR - Global Learning and Best Practices
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Speaker Rebecca Wilson View Profile
Agency / Business owners are invited to participate in this workshop

Rebecca Wilson, Director EspInternational (and President ISES - Middle East)

A workshop with agency / business owners to understand the challenges faced in the work environment in retaining, motivating and harnessing Talent.

- Ideas on how to promote an aspirational work environment and long term staff retention.
- Building brand value for your company to attract the right talent.
- Essential recruitment practices for hiring event professionals
15:00 - 15:45
Cost Efficient Project Planning with Measurable results
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Speaker Tim Jacobs View Profile
Project planning / Production teams / professionals are invited to participate in this workshop

- Bid Selection and the Winning Strategies (What the client’s really Buy)
- Value versus Procurement (the age old Battle)
- 360 Direct, Cradle to Grave Event Management Approach
- Time Compression an effective cost reduction approach.
- Finding Cost Efficiencies with Clever Staffing and Software
- Strategic Partnerships, an approach to batting outside your league..

Limited capacity venue. Seating on first-cum-first-serve basis.

Studio 2
10:15 - 11:00
AV & Lighting Design - A HOLISTIC APPROACH
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Moderator Suresh Madan View Profile
Panelist Hitesh Kumar View Profile
Panelist Manish Mavani View Profile
Panelist Rahul Bhasin View Profile
- The need for collaborations between lighting designer (if there is one), AV Solution provider, AV content producer and the set designer of an event.
- What are the risks of these elements being out of sync?
- Culminate on practical steps / 5 point agenda to encourage collaborative efforts and take the output of an event to the next level.
11:15 - 12:00
Aerocity, New Delhi: India's New MICE Hub
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Panelist Anthony Page View Profile
Panelist Tristan Beau de Lomenie View Profile
Panelist Rajeev Kohli View Profile
Panelist Lalit Chadha View Profile
Panelist Philip Logan View Profile
- To highlight the avenues that Aerocity presents in positioning Delhi as an international events destination.
- The advantage of working in a collaborative manner to take advantage of the opportunities a hub like Aerocity can provide.
- Highlighting the risks / challenges for stakeholder of Aerocity and discussing way to mitigate these.
12:15 - 13:00
In Conversation with Microsoft: The Future of Stakeholder Engagement (MICE)
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Lead Ruchi Aggarwal View Profile
Panelist Oum Pradutt View Profile
Panelist Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa View Profile
Panelist Daryl Sheldon View Profile
Panelist Rajeev Kohli View Profile
Panelist Sanjeev Pasricha View Profile
- Exploring the potential of strategic partnerships with clients in the MICE space.
- Adding Value to a MICE programme beyond logistics and format, but in actually achieving an objective of the brand.
- Including aspects of Motivation / Incentive beyond just travel for the new-age MICE traveller.
14:00 - 14:45
Global Events: Collaboration is the key to Success
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Moderator Sheema Vohra View Profile
Panelist Priti Khanna View Profile
Panelist Dhananjay Saliankar View Profile
Panelist Oum Pradutt View Profile
Panelist Kadambini Mittal View Profile
Panelist Vinod Janardhan View Profile
Panelist Jaideep Khanna View Profile
- Highlighting challenges in planning events in international destinations
- The importance of relevant networks in international destinations.
- The opportunities in collaborations with brands having international networks. (E.g. international Hotel chains with global sales agents, agencies with global networks etc.)
- The value-addition an established multi-national chain can provide its client, and how loyalty can be built through this.
15:00 - 15:45
LIVE Entertainers: PR, Digital & Image Management in the new world!
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Moderator Roshan Abbas View Profile
Panelist Terence Lewis View Profile
Panelist Papa CJ View Profile
Panelist Avneet Kohli View Profile
Artists and Artist Managers are invited to participate in this workshop

- PR and Image Management: Striking the right Balance.
- Managing your presence in a continually evolving Digital scenario
- Becoming ‘Professional’ in the pursuit of making the industry more professional

While artists' success and popularity may well depend on ‘good word of mouth’ and ‘positive PR’, its essential to understand how to use existing tools to your advantage. Where mediums and communication work on one end of the spectrum, personal professionalism and performance at events make for the other most essential tool in Image Management. You’re only as good as your last performance. So make sure it’s good and ensure the stories that follow are excellent!
Studio 3
10:45 - 11:30
Integrating Entertainment in a Social / Wedding event
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Panelist Bhavnesh Sawhney View Profile
Panelist Neelabh Kapoor View Profile
Panelist Mohomed Morani View Profile
Panelist Rajeev Jain View Profile
- New trends in Entertainment at high-end / exclusive social events (personalisation / relevance to couple / hosts)
- The challenges involved in celebrity entertainment engagement at social events. Learning on how to better prepare / find a solution to such challenges.
- The importance of integration of Entertainment in a social event, and when it takes away from the relevance of the event / over-powers it?
12:00 - 13:00
New trends in Decor at Social / Wedding Events
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Panelist Rohit Bal View Profile
Panelist Farid Khan View Profile
Panelist Vikas Gutgutia View Profile
Panelist Gayatri Sekhri View Profile
Panelist Neelabh Kapoor View Profile
Panelist Elie Berchan View Profile
Speaker Punit Jasuja View Profile
- Prominent learning from each panelist (4-5 panelists in each knowledge exchange session) on their personal / company's experience with exquisite decor projects.
- The power of collaboration and how this upcoming trend can be used to the best advantage of the project.
- New trends in decor. Each panelist to share their own learning from international markets and their own projects.
14:30 - 15:15
The Importance of F&B Design at a Social / Wedding event
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Panelist Ishaan Sarkar View Profile
Panelist Aditya Motwane View Profile
Panelist Rakhee Jain View Profile
Panelist Tanveer Kwatra View Profile
Panelist Chetan Vohra View Profile
- New trends in F&B at high-end / exclusive social events (newer formats, presentation styles, cuisines)
- The challenges involved in maintaining client's priorities while evolving in accordance to latest trends
- The importance of integration of F&B in the over-all concept for the event.
- Importance of working in a collaborative manner: caterer/s, planner and client.
15:30 - 16:15
The Four key elements involved in managing a Successful Destination Wedding
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Speaker Elie Berchan View Profile
Speaker Aditya Motwane View Profile
Speaker Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa View Profile
Panelist Chetan Vohra View Profile
Panelist Rajeev Jain View Profile
The importance of local support to meet vision and make the most of what the destination has to offer.

- Integrate the Destination into the celebrations.
- Select the right local partners in a Destination.
- Leverage the strength of local expertise and sourcing.
- Working in collaboration across geographical borders.


Experiential Marketing Summit

The ExM Summit will attempt to showcase where the next spurt of growth for the LIVE Marketing & MICE industry lies.

Date: 7th July
Venue: New Delhi Aerocity

Audio-Visual & Experience Summit

The AVX Summit is designed for event professionals to explore and understand the ever evolving staging and production technology.

Date: 7th July
Venue: New Delhi Aerocity

Experiential Celebrations Summit

The ExCel Summit attempts to draw insights and celebrate successful case studies that will inspire and set new benchmarks for the Wedding and Social Events industry.

Date: 8th July
Venue: New Delhi Aerocity

LIVE Asia Summit

Designed for organisations & professionals of the Asian LIVE Entertainment Industry to tap the true potential of the business through shared learnings and collaborations.

Date: 8th July
Venue: New Delhi Aerocity